Divisions of the Electronic Transaction Security Sector (ETSS)

Center, Authority and Department​

Digital identity is no longer a dream thanks to stunning technological development, which dissolved geographical borders. Trust and credibility are top priorities for any business set out to its digital identity. Electronic Transaction Security Sector is your gateway to identity digitization with an Arabic perspective of PKI services and applications to enhance the concept of digital citizenship and electronic transactions. Our smart optimized processes add value to your business through our innovative solutions. The Information Technology Industry Development Agency accommodates the three pillars of electronic security in Egypt:

1) Digital Signature Competence Center (DSCC) endeavors to establish and further strengthen partnerships with clients through providing PKI concepts design, analysis and consultation. It also aims at protecting clients’ confidential data by setting up ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems. The Center secures infrastructures and optimizes its processes by sustainable added value and innovative solutions. Egyptian experts converge on that one-of-a-kind center to serve clients on cryptography, e-government, business security, and network security using PKI technology.
We also implement unique services by the center in Arabic. Services include consulting, design, PKI for private and governmental sectors, information security management systems, training and technical support.
Our talent pool enjoys exceptional scientific qualifications and rare practical expertise that made Root CA real in Egypt.

2) Egyptian Root-Certificate Authority (RTCA) serves as a trust anchor for Digital Signature in Egypt. Root CA issues and manages certificates for certificate service providers. By turns, CSPs certify Digital Signature to end users; persons or systems. Certificate management covers publication, revocation, and status information services.
The Root-CA receives backups of the certificate revocation lists (CRLs) of subordinated CSPs and other data related to certificates issued by them. The Root-CA supports e-commerce and e-government transactions by providing time stamps service on arbitrary data.

3) Digital Signature Licensing Department (LCS) audits the Digital Signature service providers (ESPs) in Egypt, address complaints, offer technical counseling in collaboration with the Root CA panel, and mediate between disputing parties, forming part of the ICT Industry ombudsman within ITIDA framework.
The Department licenses a few ESPs in Egypt, to provide Digital Signature services, issue digital certificates, and corresponding Digital Signature for citizens and private sector companies’ clients. Its primary functions involve managing the application process of CSPs and implementing processes for licensing and auditing the providers ​​