Electronic Transaction Security Sector

Developing proper infrastructure for IT security in Egypt

In the IT Industry Development Agency’s premises, the Electronic Transaction Security Sector performs its Digital Signature functions: licensor, regulator and authority. The Sector focuses on creating a technology-neutral environment friendly and secured for businesses and individuals.

We are the regulator (body) of Digital Signature activities in Egypt and the local Internet’s safeguard¬¬s securing online financial operations (or transactions). In this regard, we are the sole supplier of IT tools and applications in using Digital Signature. Theron, our efforts set the stage for digital transformation in local businesses as well as public bodies.

In the rapidly expanding market of Digital Signature, our Sector issues and suspends licenses of Digital Signature to local businesses in Egypt. The licensed are granted permissions to practice Digital Signature activities and provide digital security services to clients and signatories.

As the sole local certificate authority, we digitally certify certificate service providers, CSPs. Issued digital certificates store public keys and owners’ identities and make matching private keys unavailable publicly.

We are the national certificate authority, CA, whereupon all IT apps, e-commerce and e-business transactions are performed. In addition, the Egyptian Root CA provides a point of communication to other Root CAs in different nations, supporting Egypt's aims to encourage IT growth.

Digital Signature Competence Center, DSCC, provides Public Key Infrastructure related security products and services. The Center manages operations of Root CA around the clock as the first Digital Signature and public-key cryptographic project in Egypt and MENA. As the founder of Root CA, the DSCC is engaged in steering other vital governmental projects that shaped and entrenched the distinctive experience of the center.


  • Level up the performance of governmental services
  • Activating the digital signature at the national level in accordance with the digital transformation program.
  • Spread the culture of digital signature technology locally and regionally and playing the role of community awareness.
  • Increase the country’s competiveness on a global scale.​​
  • Enforce security as a non-negotiable element in local digital transactions.
  • Employ the cryptographic know-how in implementing Digital Signature.
  • Develop and promote standards for digital signatures and e-authentication.


Empower digital transformation with digital signature and positioning Egypt as a pioneer in the field of securing electronic transactions and securing digital society ​

Lead and deliver a digital government; dynamic, customized, collaborative and secured.
Bring Egypt a step closer to realizing its huge internet economy potential. ​​​​​​​​